Inclusive - Conscious - Empowering

Rita Tusa is the founder of The Heart Energy Centre in Katoomba, NSW. Her passion is to create an inviting space that embraces inclusivity, conscious awareness and empowered living.

Rita has been studying health and healing modalities for over 9 years, having successfully completed a Diploma of Health Science. She is also qualified and experienced in a diverse cross-section of healing modalities including Kundalini Yoga, Sound Bath Meditation, Theta Healing, NLP and Matrix Therapies.

At The Heart Energy Centre

We are proud to offer a serene, comforting and peaceful space that promotes holistic wellbeing. We are focused on bringing people together in a way that nurtures community individual growth and heart expansion.

Let us help you find balance and strength while venturing along your spiritual journey.
We hope you find your time with us inspiring, joyous and uplifting in every way possible.